you talk about the Internet, then tell you that about 33% of the WordPress sites that do blogging are already present on the Internet today and thousands of new blogs on different platforms are launched almost every day.So to get more Traffic & huge hit of audience on Ur blog website Many steps must had taken bczz competetion is much higher.

As the loading speed of your blog is very important and so that you don't loose blog visitors, you should use your web hosting carefully. If you want to work hard to get maximum performance, then I would suggest you to use a managed WordPress host. Selection of Web Hosting is very important if you are thinking of blogging from long term perspective.

As I told you earlier, starting a blog is very easy but the biggest challenge is to continue and make it popular. Here are some ways:

1. Focus on a Specific Topic :- It is very important that you choose the topic which is on a specific narrow niche and in which people have interest. For this, you should prepare a list or focus on one specific niche and should think about writing them. If you can't write much about a single topic, then try to broaden your subject gradually when traffic increases on your blog. If you want to know more about how to find micro niche visit Micro Niche Blogging in 2020 - Find Trending Ideas with Unique Methods

2. Blog Regularly :- If you want to bring good traffic to your website, then it is important that you keep posting new blog posts on your blog regularly. More and more visitors visit the blog on which there are regular new blog posts. Therefore, if you want to bring maximum traffic to your blog or to stay connected with your audience, then consistently publish new blog posts on your blog

3. Use Keywords on your Site :- It's very important that your blog posts appear in search results for organic traffic. If that happens, you get a lot of traffic from search engines. For this, keywords in blog content play an important role so include those keywords when writing your blog post. To search keywords, you can use Google's Keywords tool & Search Console. This is the best tool for searching keywords. You can also include search suggestions while searching for a specific keyword on Google.

4. Appropriate Tags :- To make your blog popular, you must add tags to your post. Attach appropriate categories and tags whenever you publish new article on your blog.. But do not use too much tags. Use approx. 8-10 tags.

5. SEO :- Do smart work on your blog, for this do SEO of your site. Because the more people visit your blog and spend time on blog, the higher your site ranks in the search results. So it is important that you get your website done with good SEO. Optimize your blog posts with on-page SEO techniques.

6. ✒Read and Comment on Blogs :- Read and reply to the users who comment on your blog, so that you stay connected with the blog visitors. From this you will also be able to know what kind of content the users are interested in. By this you can plan new posts with similar topics.

7. 🔰 Social Media :- You can take the help of social media to make your blog accessible to more audience. Whatever blog posts you write, share it with your fans, use social media for this. Social media is the best platform to connect with your fans. Today, every other man uses social media. So do share your blog posts on social media.

Once you have good traffic on your blog, you can monetize your blog with various methods. To know more about these methods visit Top 13 Powerful Methods To Monetize A Blog In 2020

So these were some tips with which you can make your blog quite popular. Hope you have liked this information and will be useful for you. Thank you!

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