The 5 Essential TRUTHS About COVID-19 : Dr. Peter McCullough

Internist and cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough gave a crowd at the Reawaken America Tour in Dallas, Texas, five “talking points” to keep in mind when the conversation turns to COVID-19 at any gathering:

1) COVID-19 is ONLY spread when symptoms are present.

“The virus cannot be spread unless someone has symptoms, unless someone’s sick,” McCullough said in an address on December 12. “They cannot spread COVID-19 They’re not contagious. That’s been shown now.”

He elaborated:

It’s only symptoms that are related to the spread of illness and there is no asymptomatic spread. So, if there’s no asymptomatic spread, as long as nobody in this arena has symptoms, there will not be a single case that comes out of this auditorium. That is an important principle. Now, that means if you’re sick, if you’re sick, and you’re susceptible to COVID-19, please stay home. If your children are sick and they’re susceptible to COVID-19, that could be the case, stay home.

2) Asymptomatic testing is not FDA cleared or supported by any regulatory bodies.

“Because there’s no asymptomatic spread … we never needed to close down the schools,” McCullough continued. “That means we never needed to wear masks, right, because you can’t spread it asymptomatically. That means that there should be no asymptomatic testing.”

McCullough observed the World Health Organization (WHO) has agreed with this assessment since the end of June.

“Widespread screening of asymptomatic individuals is not a currently recommended strategy due to the significant costs associated with it and the lack of data on its operational effectiveness,” WHO stated.

Leading up to his third point, McCullough referred to his recent interview with podcaster Joe Rogan, and the fact that both he and Rogan recovered from COVID-19. Yet, they both took a COVID test prior to the interview:

I said, Joe, why are we doing this test? We’ve already had COVID. We’ve already recovered. And his answer is, “Well, we have an insurance policy,” and my point is people are doing asymptomatic testing for reasons other than COVID because he knew and I know that we can’t get it again.


3) Natural immunity is robust, complete, and durable–it’s “one and done.”

“Once somebody is recovered from COVID-19 It’s one and done,” McCullough emphasized. “It’s one and done. You’re done.”

Turning to the audience, he asked how many have already had COVID.

“It’s over with,” he asserted. “The pandemic for you is over with, you can’t get it again.”

“Now you can get faked out by false positive tests,” he cautioned. “But you can’t get the illness a second time and we know that now. This is airtight. There’s over 130 papers that support this.”

McCullough noted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) admitted in November the agency has no record of a case of reinfection.

New York Attorney Elizabeth Brehm asked the CDC for “documents reflecting any documented case of an individual who: (1) never received a COVID-19 vaccine; (2) was infected with COVID-19 once, recovered, and then later became infected again; and (3) transmitted SARS-CoV-2 to another person when reinfected.”

The response from Roger Andoh at CDC was:

A search of our records failed to reveal any documents pertaining to your request. The CDC Emergency Operations Center (EOC) conveyed that this information is not collected.

“Now the CDC has got 41,000 cases, sadly, of full-blown vaccine failures that resulted in hospitalization and death,” McCullough went on, adding, “41,000 vaccine failures, they don’t have a single failure of natural immunity.”

“Natural immunity is our way out of the pandemic,” he stated. “This is very, very important”:

Think about this: if we don’t recognize natural immunity what happens? Oh, you get COVID-19. Or, you could get it again. Take a vaccine. Oh, you got COVID again; take another vaccine. It just keeps going and going. Wear masks, go into lockdown, or you can get it again. Let’s lock down our seniors in a nursing home for the 24th month of the rest of their lives because of this false narrative that you can get COVID-19 a second time or a third time.

4) COVID-19 is a treatable illness in high-risk patients with early sequenced multidrug therapy.

“The illness is imminently treatable … we can treat COVID-19, and we can actually markedly influence the natural history of the disease by intercepting it early, and those innovations were discovered early in 2020,” McCullough noted.

In the video, McCullough provides actual examples of early at-home treatments available for COVID-19.

“Everybody should have a COVID-19 survival kit at home,” he stressed. “We should really take charge of this. This viral pandemic is a war. It’s a war and it’s up to us to step up and start to fight this thing.”

5) The genetic COVID-19 vaccines are not sufficiently safe or effective for the public. Vaccine mandates should be dropped, and the vaccine program should be paused for safety review.

McCullough delivered his final point:

I don’t think anybody had a problem with vaccines a year ago. But we now know as they’re broadly used in the general population, like many new products, it has not worked out and we have seen unacceptably high rates of death that occurs after vaccination. About 50% of the deaths that are recorded happen within 48 hours, 80% within a week.

“In the U.S. CDC VAERS [Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System] we have 19,000 deaths, about half of those are domestic,” he observed, adding:

We have 31,000 now that are permanently disabled. That is unacceptable for a medicinal product in the United States. And it’s unacceptable for our agencies not to review safety for us. And it’s unacceptable for our FDA or CDC or NIH and our White House Task Force. It’s unacceptable for them not to provide a safeguard for our citizens.

McCullough ended with a look to the immediate future:

Moving forward, the vaccines are not enough to bring us out of the pandemic. I am going to close by calling for, at this point in time, a complete and total ban on any vaccine mandates. I’m calling for an immediate pause, a pause in the public program on Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson, until we can do a deep dive on the safety review.

“Younger people, like everyone in this room, I think is in great shape to work together on developing herd immunity, and closing out the pandemic,” he concluded.



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