These are the Reasons I'm Against Implantation of Microchip, not that it is the Mark of the Beast

These are the Reasons I'm Against Implantation of Microchip, not that it is the Mark of the Beast.

One of the greatest problems of man is ignorance. And another like unto it is misinformation. Must time, misinformation is caused by ignorance and some other times, it is to create a scene, in order to achieve mischievous gain, aim or ambition. There is no connection between the Mark of the first Beast (Antichrist) and the scientific microchip being advised by some scientific and military experts to be implanted in man for identification and security purposes. I am not in support of this anyway because of the reasons listed below. But before the reasons, let's look at what microchip is not and what the Mark of the first Beast is.

Since the microchip is meant to be implanted by the side of the neck or by the back of the palm, some people have taken to their pen, microphone, and social media to propagate that microchip is the Mark of the Beast (Antichrist), it is surprising that most among these set of people are 'pastors'. It is also funny that some of them even quote the Bible, Daniel and/or Revelation precisely to support their erroneous assertion. The problem, however, is that they misinterpret these portions of the Bible or Scripture that they quote to support this assertion. The microchip is not the Mark of the Beast because:

1. The Mark of the first Beast (666), will be made manifest, given and received only and during the time when the first Beast (Antichrist) will manifest or come to take up his reign on this earth for 3 years and 6 months within a seven-year period after the rapture of the saints, called "The Great Tribulation".

2. The Rapture or Caught Up of the Saints or believers in Christ will occur first before the coming or manifestation of the first Beast (Antichrist). Until the first Beast (Antichrist) is made manifest, his mark cannot be received.

3. The Mark of the first Beast (Antichrist) is the mark of a man that needs to be solved. Though it is represented with a man's number which is 666, yet no one will be able to solve the problem to arrive at what the meaning of the triple 6 (666) stands for now, until the first Beast (Antichrist) is made manifest.

4. Though the mark is a man's number that represents the first Beast (Antichrist), the receiving method of the mark will be spiritual or supernatural. It is not what one can fog or manufacture, just like 666 tattoos and microchips are being fogged or manufactured today.

5. Yes, the spirit of the Antichrist (first Beast) is already here on earth, but the person of the Antichrist (first Beast) has not manifested yet, and will not until rapture occurs. And his mark will come or be made manifest with him. The right assertion, therefore, should be that the microchip is one of the factors that will prepare the ground for the arrival of the first Beast (Antichrist), giving room for the Mark of the first Beast (Antichrist). This is so due to the fact that microchips will help in tracking down the locations of people, no matter where they may be hiding. The microchip will help to make it hard for anyone to hide from the first Beast (Antichrist) during his brutal, wicked and immoral rule or reign on earth, after the rapture of the saints. Therefore, the microchip is not the Mark of the first Beast, but an ambition of political dominance and interference into the privacy of people (citizens).

What is Microchip?

A microchip is an integrated circuit or a microprocessor. That is, an electronic thin chip, usually of silicon, consisting of at least two interconnected semiconductor devices, mainly transistors. The chip in this context means an electronic hybrid device mounted in a substrate, containing electronic circuitry and miniaturized mechanical, chemical and/or biochemical devices. It was originally made to be implanted in objects like cars and other means of transportations for monitoring, in animals, especially wild animals for monitoring also. This is to help for easy record taking and keeping of the movement, location and other information of these objects and animals. Later, however, the idea to introduce it in man was brought. The major reasons were for security, monitoring and the documentation of human data in order to reduce crime.

No matter how sweet this sounds, these are the reasons I'm against microchip being implanted in a human being:

1. The implantation of a microchip in human beings will take away the privacy and the human rights of citizens around the world. We are in a bad world where people are drunk with power and quest to dominate the world. If a microchip is made an obligation to human beings, power-drunk political leaders will use it as an avenue to enslave people. Since Your privacy and location have been exposed, you will now be at the mercy.

2. Power drunk people, especially political leaders, can infuse the chips with deadly devices or substances before implanting them in people. And anyone who refuses to dance to their tone will face their wrath. From their control room, they will have a button to press that will either kill the person, render him/her paralyzed or sick.

3. Human beings are not objects or animals to cut open at will any part of their bodies and implant whatever you want. Human beings must be treated with respect and value. There are several other means to realize security and ensure the safety of people, not by tearing their bodies and putting in what you want. Besides, we have come to live in a wicked world full of wicked people who can do anything for fame, money, and power, no one can be trusted 100 percent. The chips can be used against human beings.

4. There is no how, the human body will remain 100 percent the same when any external object, especially, an electronic device is fixed in it. There must be negative reactions and complications. It can lead to turning people into imbeciles, and the so-called zombies. There must be negative and health complications and dangers the perpetrators of microchips implantation are not telling us.

These and more are the reasons I will not support implanting microchips in human beings and the reasons I want people all over the world to reject the ungodly idea, not that it is the Mark of the first Beast (Antichrist). Be well informed! All

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Nwoko Solomon Ikechukwu

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