The Practical Principles to Success; Why we Fail and Why we Succeed in Life


That word, "Don't give up (DGU)", is easy to say, and that is the word every struggling and/or a hard-working man with hope and anticipation of/for success wants to hear. But tell that same word to a frustrated fellow, who has struggled too much, get frustrated and accepted failure:

1. You will be wasting your time.

2. You may be provoking him.

3. You will make him bored with what he has been hearing for a long period of time, and was believing it when hope was still on his side until it dawned on him and he realized and accepted that there is no such thing like hope and, “Don't give up (DGU)”, and

4. That word, “Don't give up (DGU)”, at that moment may be the thing he needs to stay alive without throwing in the towel yet.

There is a point in life that the word "Don't give up (DGU)" gets one angry, makes one more frustrated; a time the word discourages someone much more than it is meant to encourage. Notwithstanding, that word "Don't give up (DGU)" is very important to both hear, receive, and apply, especially by one who thinks he has done everything life demands, pay all the price needed to be paid, yet life refuses to smile on him.

It is very easy to advise someone and tell the person “Don't give up (DGU)” but very hard to advise oneself or tell oneself, “Don't give up (DGU)”, especially when things get hard and very difficult. But the fact remains that the greatest advice is the one that one gives to himself and the one that one accepts for himself and applies to himself. Until you accept a piece of advice in vain has the advice-giver given, and until you rightly and/or properly apply advice, the advice will remain meaningless and useless. It is very easy to tell the story of success, but hard to tell that of failure, especially when the person is still passing through the pain and challenges of failure. The truth is that all who have succeeded in life have as well failed in life. Their success stories make people not pay attention to their ugly past and stories of failure. Most times we get angry and frustrated because we listen carefully to their stories of success and apply their success principles, and yet it did not work out for us. We don't need to be, because principles to success vary from person to person, situation to situation, time to time. Just discover your success principles that are the ones that will work for you. Their lives and stories, as well as principles to success, should be our encouragement, guideline, a motivating factor, work for, find out and achieve our own principles of success. Because there is no guarantee that what works for Mr. A will work for Mr. B. Another funny and unbelievable thing about this is that some of these success stories are a made-up story to make a fortune from people by people who are in want but want to play clever. Therefore, don't give up or kill yourself when you have applied (other) people's success principles and still did not succeed. Discover and try your own principles, it will definitely work out and lead you to success.

What is Success?

Success is the achievement of one's desired aim or goal in life. It is the achievement of wealth, respect, fame, morals, and spiritual growth. Success is not only the material acquisitions, it includes achievements in other areas of life; such as morals, reputable character, marital success, intellectual acquisition, possession and proper application of wisdom, and adding values to your world, etc.

He that has only wealth and/or fame, but lacks other virtues of life is not yet a success. This is because wealth and/or fame without morals and other good virtues of life, bring pain, sorrow, and regret. I have come to discover that behind most smiling faces, there is a bleeding heart. The worst situation is the one that compels one to smile in public and weep bitterly at closed doors (secret). The success achieved through wrong means and success in evil things gives the experience mentioned above. Therefore go for the right or positive success.

To discover your own principles to success one needs to:

1. Ask the Maker:


The best person to tell the purpose of a thing and the principles of making successful use of it is the maker of that thing. Every other suggestion, advice or information is added and/or secondary. God is the creator and maker of man, and every man He gave principles to success. This is often referred to as one's purpose in life, and/or actualizing one's purpose in life. God is the best person to tell one the purpose why he was created and the best principles of actualizing the purpose in life, which is success in life.

Through personal sincere prayers and Bible study, which is devotion unto God, God can tell, reveal, lead or direct one to his purpose in life and the principles to apply in order to successfully achieve the purpose.

2. Go for the Relevance:


Sometimes, we do not succeed by doing just what we like. Most times, success is realized by doing what is relevant at the moment and in a particular area. Most earthly good success comes by discovering and solving people's problems. Doing the relevant or going for the relevant can mean, discovering people's needs and providing a solution(s) to it; then offer the solution as service in exchange for your need(s). When this is correctly applied at the right time and in the right environment or place, success is realized. Therefore, find what is relevant in the area you are, what do people need that you can find or provide solutions to, especially comfortably, go for it, that is one of the principles of success worthy to apply. This also implies that service is a principle of realizing success. When we solve people's problems, we are rendering service, and through such service, we achieve our own goals and have our own needs solved.

I do tell people,


"When you try what you love doing and it is not working out, try what you can do, maybe it will work out. Sometimes, success is not realized by doing what you love or like doing, but by doing what you can do or know how to do, especially very well".

3. Work on Your Attitude:


I often say that we do not need everybody to succeed in life, but we need somebody in our lives if we must succeed. The person one meets today, maybe the person's helper and the way to his success tomorrow. Therefore, we must work on our character to eliminate rude, pride, arrogance, intolerance, and other vices like it. We must learn to be kind, sincere, loving, caring, compassionate, forgiving, hospitable, etc. That person you treated well today might be the one to lead you to your success tomorrow.

It is not all the time that we treat people with the eyes and mind of business. We should not always ask what to gain in return before we help or assist people. We should sometimes put business and politics aside and do compassionate service. The person receiving this service may be in the shoes of providing your own needs, especially, ultimate need. We should learn to be kind to people and do for them that or those things we will want others to do for us. In addition to compassion and kindness, respect, and obedience to good and legal instructions are other vital attitudes we must develop. Respect can get one recommendation to a particular thing, place, or office that will enable him to achieve success in life. Respect makes one humble, and humility is the road to success. Obedience is also important because it enables one to render service and carry out instructions willingly without much supervision or compelling. The heart of a king is usually moved by obedience and respect, he who learns to apply these principles will likely move the kings to aid his success.

4. Follow the Right People:



The company one keeps determining to a greater extent how far the person will go in life. Therefore, one of the principles to success is keeping a good and/or the right company. The people one follows has a way of influencing or affecting, either negatively or positively, the person's destiny in life. The people one follows can affect the way he thinks or reasons, the way he takes action, reacts to issues or situations, even what he believes. Success also requires following the right people at all times, and in the right place and right time.

Following the right people also implies minding the kind of friends we choose and/or accept and the kind of friendship we keep. When one's company is a bunch of failures who have accepted and relaxed in their failure, there is no way he will have the hope, vision, plan, and work of and for success, hence he will never succeed in life. But when one's company are people who have succeeded, who are succeeding or are vibrantly working for or towards success, he will be aspired and inspired to hope and work for success and therefore, stand a better chance of succeeding in life.

Therefore, following the right people at the right time is inevitable if one must succeed in life. This is another vital principle to success that one must apply to achieve or actualize success in life.

5. Be at the Right Place:


The location one finds or puts himself can determine whether he succeeds or not. Don't expect to see a successful man in a beer parlor as a drunk or among drunks. Don't expect to see a successful man in the hotel with a prostitute, don't expect to see a successful man on the highways with guns robbing, and don't expect to see a successful man in any social, moral or environmental ill-actions. This is because success is not only the acquisition of money and/or material wealth, it also includes the acquisition of moral, spiritual, intellectual, social, marital, right parental success, etc. And the latter cannot be achieved by being in the wrong place. The former also, will not be achieved in full being at the wrong place; if one does achieve it (money or material wealth), he will surely waste it recklessly, since he is at the wrong place, and then, comes back to be in want. Therefore, success is right location-oriented. The right place in this context is not only a literal location, but it also involves the situation or circumstances one put himself into. Maybe, because of the company one, keeps or the action he takes. When one puts himself in a situation that will locate him in prison or put her in a family way when it is not the right time, or in a situation that will make him a dropout, either from school or personal career, his chances of becoming a success is very little; this is because he is at the wrong place to be positioned to or towards success.

But when one is at the right place, with the right company, he can easily be positioned for success. Therefore, discovering the right location or place and being there at the right time is another vital principle to success.

6. Make Right Decision/Choice:


Just like the above principle, making the right decision and/or choice is very paramount if one must succeed in life.

One's decision or choice in life, or in a particular circumstance, can promote success in all the efforts one has been putting in place, also it can crumble to destruction and frustration, all the struggle, efforts, and sometimes success of a person.

This right decision comprises the company one keeps, the environment one stays, one's choice of career, the business one is into, and the kind of life partner one chooses to have or live with, etc., all these decisions have a way of affecting greatly, either positively or negatively, the destiny of a person to success or failure. Some of the critical areas in life right decision or choice are seriously and carefully required include:

a. Career Choice:


The success or failure of one's life's endeavor usually starts from the kind of career he chooses or his choice of career in life. The wrong choice in this often leads to failure, and the right choice in it leads to success. Often, we allow ourselves to be influenced by friends, fellow students, family members, and our environment. Sometimes, we choose our life career because that is the same thing that our friends are going for. Or that is the only career left in the family, and our family members or parents want us to fill that gap for the family. Other times, we choose a career because the career appears to be the reigning thing, everybody talks about the career, and people intend to respect those in such a career. Choosing a career based on the above reasons usually leads to career failure, wrong career choice, frustration, and regrets.

A career should be chosen based on God's direction. Others should be based on:

i. What you can do, especially what you can do best or very well.

ii. What you have a passion for, and you have been well informed about it, to avoid misleading and/or misdirected passion.

iii. What you love doing, which you feel fulfilled and happy doing it. However, something legal that will not jeopardize the life and/or future of anyone illegally.

iv. Something that is relevant locationally and time frame-wise. This is what people need (not just want) at a particular place and time. Which, however, it must be legal and reputable.

v. The best career choice is the one that can provide or can be turned into a needed service to meet peoples' needs in exchange for success materials (money and/or wealth). One of the good things about this kind of career is that it can make one independent of seeking a job, rather, it creates a job for the person, making him a successful entrepreneur.

b. Choice of Business:


Career is a profession one is trained to practice in life, especially from where or what he earns a living. Business is putting into practice or into use, the knowledge acquired from school, informal learning, or un-curriculum training. In business, it is either one sale product, goods or commodities, or provides services in exchange for money. Sometimes, people start a business with the knowledge acquired from their career pursuit, which most times is in line with their career. Other times, people start or enter into a business that is different from their career or profession.

Whichever be the case, the fact is that the wrong choice of business leads to failure, and the right choice of business leads to success in life. Don't just enter into, or start a business because others are doing it, and it appears to be working for them. Study the business very well before venturing into it. Like the timing of the business, areas, or locations suitable for the business, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the business? Are there rules for the business? If yes, what are the rules? Is there any plan "B" or a backup plan in case plan "A" did not work?

The timing here has to do with the question, "Does the business have a season? Does it work with time?" That is, are there times, periods, or seasons for the business; when the business booms and when it can collapse or lacks much demand and profits? If the time period or season that the business faces challenges comes, what are your backup plans to sustain and keep the business going? Also, which environment is best for the business? What are the demand and financial strength of the people living in the area or environment you intend to establish the business? A careful study and proper and full information or knowledge of the above on business choice will go a very long way to make and ensure that the business is or becomes a success. But lack or misinformation of the above makes one's business to collapse in failure, loss, frustration, and regret.

One who is into business, or who wants to enter into a business should make the right choice of business and should choose the right location/place and the right time for the business, in order to become a success via the business.

C. Choosing the Right Life Partner:


"It is not good for the man to be alone..."

God in the Bible rightly said. The thing that is better than the loneliness of man was to find and have a helpmate "fit" for him. But if the mate is not a "helper" and does not "fit", it will be better to suffer loneliness than to face what it entails choosing the wrong life partner. This does not only apply to men alone, but also to the women.

In fact, of all other principles to success in life, choosing the right life partner is the most significant. This is because the choice of life partner determines one's emotional life, and the emotional state of a man or a person affects every other aspect of him- his reasoning, actions, beliefs, strength, willingness or unwillingness to work, etc. And these things mentioned above matters a lot in realizing success in life.

The greatest earthly regret a man will have in life is to make the wrong choice in marriage, and the greatest earthly regret a woman will have in life is to make the wrong choice in marriage. The person that knows very well where and how to hurt you very well, and who knows how to help, build, support, and help you to grow is your life partner. He that finds the right partner, finds a good thing and obtains favor from God to success, but he that finds a wrong partner, finds a bad thing and hell has been unleashed upon him on earth, and as such, success in life becomes uncertain.

Seeking and/or enquiring from God is one of the best ways of making the right choice of choosing a life partner. Another vital way is to become a right partner yourself by developing a good character; being faithful, honest, trustworthy, loving, caring, responsible, God-fearing, hardworking, and acquiring other reputable characters. These are what every responsible and reasonable man or woman is looking for; beauty, handsomeness, and money become secondary.

When the right choice of life partner is made, your dreams and/or visions are bought by him/her, understood, shared, and achieved. Your mistakes or errors are lovely and respectfully corrected, you are helped out of your weak point, you are sure of a supporter, encourager and/or helper on your journey to success, even when the going gets tougher, and challenges, even failure is faced or encountered. The right life partner is a true friend and family for life, and at all times, he/she does not give up on you, especially when you are responsible and have a promising future, even though it is still to manifest. Success is also and more of making the right choice or decision at the right time. That is, the right choice or decision is a principle to success.

7. Apply Self-control and Discipline:


It appears that when people make wealth in excess or on average the next thing that comes to their mind is to live a luxurious and extravagant lifestyle. Throwing expensive parties, exchanging women like cloth, and other reckless living, like drugs, etc.become the lifestyle they intend to live. This mentality and wrong approach to life lead to failure in life, even after one has succeeded or thinks he has succeeded in life. When one begins to spend without caution, and living extravagantly and recklessly, he will need to make more wealth to sustain such a lifestyle. Two major things come to play at this point:

i. Is either he falls and becomes poor (a failure) while trying to pursue and/or maintain such an expensive lifestyle, or,

ii. Will has no option than to soil his hands in dirty games, thereby putting his life and all he had worked for into risk or danger.

Therefore, to one who has succeeded, or who is still working towards success, self-control and discipline are very important and unavoidable virtues he must possess and exhibit. Regarding living extravagantly, there are two kinds of people:

* Those who spend more than they earn and/or can afford, not just because it is necessary, but they want to keep class, and,

* Those who waste unnecessarily what they should have invested or saved for the evil days, with the thought that the field will forever remain green. All these kinds of mentality are lack of self-control and self-discipline. One with self-control and discipline will know and live with this fact that one does not always have what he wants in life, and therefore, gives room for an alternative. There are wealthy people who spend thousands and millions to have a woman, perhaps because she is pretty or popular- must you have everything? People pay for tickets worth thousands and millions to attend a concert, just to see a celebrity, listen to music or watch movies, etc.,- is that your only problem and need in life? These and more like them are not fun, they are waste and lack of self-control and discipline. Lack of self-control and discipline leads to a lack of self-examination, self-planning, self-scrutinizing, etc.which are vital keys to success in life. It is very hard to climb up there (on top of success), but very easy to fall down here (failure and/or poverty) from up there. There is no point in life when one should feel he is infallible because, though one may still have his wealth, yet can lose his image, integrity, and most importantly, lose his life, which are vital parts of success in life.

To succeed and maintain your success in life, one must, therefore, control where he goes, mind what he does, the friends he keeps, what and how he eats and drinks, and also, mind the relationship(s) he makes and keeps. These seemingly little things have a long way to go in becoming successful and in maintaining success. Not every party, club, beaches, concerts, fun, etc.are good for you and your success or hunger to succeed in life. To succeed, you must learn to say "NO!" In certain things, and stand by it, that is part of self-control and discipline.

8. Put on Humility:


Humility is the ability to treat and regard others like yourself. It is the ability to treat everyone with value, respect, and regard, irrespective of status, race, class, or background. Humility is the oil that greases the heart to love, to pick interest in someone, and to enter into business, service, or marital relationship with someone, which will likely lead to success in life.

Humility connects one, most times, where money and/or academic qualifications cannot connect or take him to. And of course, humility is one of the vital ladders to climb to success. To be humble, one needs to know and have in mind, that everyone, big or small, rich or poor, literate or illiterate, has one breath, and one lifetime. To be humble, we must be aware that whatever we have in life, someone else has it already and has used it before us. We must acknowledge the fact that life is nothing; the same way that poor, illiterate, or lower-class persons fall and breathe his last, that is how that rich, learned, a high or upper-class person can also fall and die.

If you believe that someone else is nothing, then, you should also know that you are nothing because both of you share the same breath. To be something or somebody in life, we must treat others as something or somebody. Humility brings respect and sincere service, and sincere service with humility leads to stressless success in life. Therefore, humility is an important virtue that every successful man, or one who aspires to be a success must-have.

9. Refuse Distraction:


Distraction is one of the factors that lead to abject failure. It is the killer of success. One of the dangers of distraction is that it comes with seeming pleasant things, promises, and visions, but all are illusions. And it presents them to one in such an attractive way that the person will leave his goal and vision to succeed in life to go for such destructive but attractive pictures. Distraction promises easy, fast, and unstressed success, it presents it in a believable way. It promises heaven on earth, success without work, without discipline, self-control, and diligence. One of the facts about distraction is that it comes and presents itself mostly to prospective great men and women. People who have promising futures, who are talented or highly talented, and more especially when the material benefits are about to come. At this point, distraction will present itself as a flashlight, and side attraction to these ones, with the aim to rob them of their bright future, freedom, conscience, morals, image, integrity, success, and even life. To enslave and compile them to do anything to maintain fame, popularity, wealth, and life. But these are all the qualities they would have received free of charge with their talents, without being enslaved, losing their conscience, image, integrity, morals, values, and life eventually, if they had waited for the right time, and avoided the distractions.

I remembered my days of humble beginning when no one of value or importance knew me. Those who saw and treated me like trash. Nobody wanted me as a friend or wanted to have anything to do with me. This was not because of the evil I did, or because of the crimes I committed, but simply because I was poor, born in a poor home by poor parents. But when the light of salvation from Christ came to me, my eyes open to certain potentials in me, which were untaped, and certain principles that can lead me to succeed in life. Through hard work by God's grace, I started working towards it. There were lots of distractions in forms of women, bad friends, immoral movies, etc., to rob me of my determination to become somebody in life, and in the right way. But God, through wisdom principles, helped me to focus on my dreams and determination. Today, I have achieved a fame and popularity side of success, waiting and working for other sides of success.


Now, another distraction has started, I now have people inviting me to belong and/or become a member of one immoral and cultic/diabolical group or another, all promising fast wealth and more popularity. But when I look at them, I see foolish and confused people who are enslaved and have lost their freedom, morals, integrity, and most of them lose these against their will because they forsook wisdom and could not wait for their time. I usually block and delete them quickly and ask myself,


"Where were they when I was unknown in the village? When no one knew, not to talk of believing that I had some useful potentials in me, etc?"

But now that I am known in almost all social media, advertising my great God-given skills or talents, distractions now promise me what I have already and the ones I will soon have, in exchange for giving up my real success, dreams, visions, morals, integrity, image, freedom, and life eventually. To detect to be the kind of dress (immoral) I must put on, why I must draw tattoos on various parts of my body, why I must do drugs, why I must mess myself with other women, instead of being faithful to my wife, and why I must do other abominable things if I must survive in the competitive market of fame and wealth, in exchange for my soul. And when distraction is through with me, it dumps me like God-forsaken and devil-rejected trash and eventually ends my life.

These and more are how distraction faces people who were once serious in high schools or secondary schools and universities and was serious with life in general, until distraction robs them of their bright success, in exchange for wasted time and years, and to become a successful failure. One of the vital principles to success, therefore, is to avoid vehemently, every form of distraction in life, and focus directly on positive success in life. This distraction can come in various forms, it can come in the form of women (sexual immorality), drugs, alcoholism, cultism, robbery, gambling, clubbing, etc. Distraction most times comes in the form of fun, entertainment, and pleasures. Therefore, beware of it and run from it, if you must have a positive success in life.


10. Let God into It:


I laugh because it is funny and foolish when I hear and see people claim that they believe that there is no God. I discovered and wrote in one of my books that,

one can say to others in the public, "There is no God", but no one can say to himself, "There is no God" because even yourself knows that there is a God.

I also discovered that when one becomes frustrated in life and doesn't know who or what to blame it on, he tries to console himself by believing that he believes that there is no God, and he will also begin to say so to others.

The truth, however, is that whether we believe it or not, God does not just exist, He is the existence Himself. He is not far away from us as some of us think but He also does not force His way into anyone's life, He comes to those who need and invite Him. Do you want to know how God exists? Look at yourself, examine your head to your toe, and you will see God's wonders and existence in you before you examine the arrangement of nature itself. Let's quit proving God's existence, let's talk about letting Him into your life for life success.

God is Omniscience before we were formed in our mother's womb, He knows us. He has destined us to be successful, this is why He said,


"For I know the plans I have for you, plans of good (success) and not of evil (failure) to give you an expected end".

God from the beginning had destined man to be a success, He, however, lay down for man, the principles on how to become a success. One of the major reasons why many end up failures is because they failed to discover these principles, while most who discovered these principles failed or refused to walk by them. Many of us try to keep God out of our lives and endeavors, we try to do things our way, the way we like or want. And when we fail in all or some areas of life we try to blame it on God and to believe that there is no God, or that He is not on our side. But the truth is, He is always there to help, only that you fail to let Him in to help, direct, lead, and/or guide you to your destiny and success in life.

To let God into our lives, we must acknowledge Him as our Lord and Master, we must be willing to submit our plans of/for life under his perfect will, scrutinizing, and approval. We must be willing to accept His correction, discipline, and His "NO" to some of our wishes (made in/through prayer) for our own good. Letting God lead the way while we follow is the perfect way of arriving at our success in life. He that follows God and/or His direction will never miss out on his success in life; when we talk about success here, we mean all-round success- physical and spiritual success.


11. Apply Wisdom:


Wisdom is the ability to make the right choice or decision at the right time. It is the ability to proffer solution(s) to problems, especially the looming and/or immediate problems. Good knowledge, well acquired, when it is rightly or correctly applied, wisdom is realized. Above all, the fear of God (love of God, reverence to God, acknowledging God, etc), is the beginning of wisdom. Wisdom is like a bright light radiating in the midst of thick darkness. It is like bright stars shooting out of the dark sky of the night and suddenly, a full bright and radiating moon just erupted from among the bright stars and illuminated the path of those traveling at night on foot without touch light. It is like giving a blind man back his sight with a complete and clearer view and it is like looking at a tiny organism under the lens of a microscope which will magnify the organism and make you see clearly and boldly every part of the tiny organism.

On the other hand, lack of wisdom and good knowledge is like snuffing out the light from the path of a man climbing a high mountain full of deadly creatures at night. It is like confronting cobra face to face in the forest without light at night, it is like a man losing his sight when he needed it most and becoming utterly blind. The fear and the pain one can imagine in situations like these are untold. It is like to imagine yourself in a ship about to be wrecked by the wind storm. To remain in the ship is to be killed by the wind storm and if you jumped into the sea, crocodiles, sharks and other deadly sea creatures you can vividly see are eagerly waiting to crush your bones and entire being. It is like a man on the Iroko tree face to face with Python and on the ground of the tree waiting for him are dozens of lions. It is like a man who had lied in the bed sick for months because he thought he was HIV/AIDS positive and only to discover it was just malaria fever; he wakes up and gets well without further medication when the knowledge came to him. Lack of wisdom and good knowledge is like leaving someone in utter darkness with no single ray of light to direct his path. And of course, rising and falling, stumbling and land crashing will be his portion.


So many mistakes made today wouldn't have been made if wisdom and good knowledge were applied. Lots of regrets in the world today are as a result of a lack of wisdom and good knowledge. So many conflicts and wars that were fought that took millions of innocent, useful, and resourceful lives and properties are as a result of lack of wisdom and good knowledge.

He that has wisdom and good knowledge has a good understanding and has the insight embedded in him by God to think out and offer a solution to every problem and situation. If the world has been destroyed because of a lack of knowledge, then the world can also be rebuilt, restored, and made a-right and better with wisdom and good knowledge. The first thing a man who wants to succeed in life and have a happy ending seeks is wisdom and good knowledge that breeds good understanding to design all things in order to know the right step and right actions to take in every given time or situation. Wisdom and good knowledge are a person and also an action, word or words, either oral or written. Wisdom and good knowledge is seen in everyday happenings, even in so many situations

Wisdom is the torch that light through the path to success is like a compass to the sailor and a map to a geographer. Wisdom is profitable because it is the road that leads to success in life. Acquiring and making good use of all the principles discussed above is wisdom. We need to apply wisdom to recognize God as our Maker and to ask of Him for direction in discovering the principles that will lead us to success, and the ability, as well as the willingness to apply them diligently. We need the wisdom to know the relevance and go for them. We need the wisdom to work on our attitude or character to become better until the best of ourselves. We need the wisdom to follow the right people in life and need the wisdom to be at the right place and at the right time to meet with our success in life. We need wisdom to make the right decision or choice. We need the wisdom to be able to apply self-control and discipline, and we need the wisdom to put on humility. We need the wisdom to avoid distractions of life, we need the wisdom to know and believe that God is, and to let Him into our lives and endeavors, which is very vital if we need positive and the fullness of success. And we need the wisdom to apply wisdom.

When these principles are carefully followed and/or applied, success in life becomes inevitable and unavoidable.

Have you put all the effort you need to put in life, and it still did not work out, don't give up. Keep trying and trying until it works out. one of the ways to succeed in life is to refuse failure. Refusing failure here does not mean that you will not fail once in a while, because failure is inevitable. But refusing failure here means, don't accept and relax in failure as your last bus stop. When you fail, try again, again, and again until you raise your head and hands over failure in victory.

It is common to feel frustrated when things are not working out as planned. That point, however, is the worst time or moment to accept frustration and failure, and the best time or moment to encourage yourself and accept from someone or yourself that word, "Don't give up (DGU)". Distraction uses frustration to convince one that he has no other choice or option than to accept its suggestions to him. It uses frustration to make its fake and false pictures, promises, and clay-like gold look or appear real, more attractive, and promising. Frustration is the last tool distraction uses to rob people of their freedom, bright future, integrity, true success in life, and their lives above all.

No matter what you do, no matter the situation you are facing and no matter how you fail, do not give up. Do not accept failure, do not accept frustration, do not allow distractions, and do not end it all (take life or your life). It may sound stupid and unbelievable, but it is true when I say, "Continue trying, again and again, persist and insist and do the right thing, walk in the right path, you will definitely become a success”.

In case you put all these principles and/or if you are putting all these principles to work and did not succeed or have not succeeded, don't give up, it is not over until it is over. In addition to all these principles, success is also a matter of time, perhaps, your time has not come. Therefore, continue working and trying, putting these useful principles at work, when your time comes, definitely, you will succeed. As long as you let God in and work hard with your right principles, success is inevitable.



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Nwoko Solomon Ikechukwu

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