The Idea that Gave Birth to Nwoko's Books Foundation

What You Need to Know about Nwoko's Books Foundation


In 2004 I discovered my ability to creative writing skills, teaching, and public speaking. In 2013 I resolved to train and develop young creative writers or authors, this led me to found "Nwoko's Books Foundation". In 2015, I introduced Nwoko's Books Foundation to the public via Facebook. Through this platform, I have been able to give helping answers to people on what to write and how to write. And to do that better, I have written a book on "Book Writing Methodology"  

In 2016 I trained five teenagers who wrote their own stories at JSS Karyad, Kuje Abuja, Nigeria. Nwoko's Books Foundation has been advertised through Youtube, Wattpad, Instagram, Tweeter, WhatsApp, etc in addition to Facebook. I have built blogs for Nwoko's Books Foundation which are,  

www.nallwritingbooks.wordpress.comwww.mynwoko.blogspot.com, in these blogs, some available books for sale are advertised, and so many educated, informative, and inspiring articles are published to read for free


Nwoko Solomon Ikechukwu is the founder and the CEO of Nwoko's Books Foundation, and my role is to write, reply and post answers and/or information to people on what to write and how to write. I also develop young people in public speaking and news gathering and presentation.


Some of the problems the firm has encountered are monetary problems. The money to fund the publication of some of the books that can aid in developing writers is a big challenge. And the fund to popularise the ones published for easy marketing is also a challenge. In addition, the battle to get peoples' interest in reading and writing books and to believe that one can make fortunes through writing, especially in Nigeria in particular and Africa as a whole is another big challenge.


However, I have resolved not to give up. I use these social media to introduce my work and also to teach people the importance of reading and writing, and to train them on what to write and how to write. I have as well resolved to continue writing and giving support and professional assistance to people on how to be a good author even though I'm not making enough money from this yet. But my love and passion for it keep driving me and reviving my interest each time I felt like being discouraged.

There are so many ways you can support Nwoko's Books Foundation, such as patronizing us here, helping to advertise and sharing our posts, and sponsoring us financially.

Nwoko Solomon Ikechukwu, the CEO of Nwoko's Books Foundation has been a writer since 2004 and has written over 20 books, see some of the published books here and has written over 100 creative, educating, inspiring and thrilling articles, see them here,  and


I am also a freelancer and do write on different niches as agreed with my clients. Please, do feel very free to visit, comment on the blogs above, share the links of our posts via your social media, and support Nwoko's Books Foundation financially if you can. Thanks a lot.


In life, I have learned that life's hopes and aspirations are like an arrow. It does not usually land where you aim it. The fact, however, is that when you aim and shoot it, whether it lands where you aimed it or not, it will surely land somewhere. Keep aiming and keep shooting, one day it will land at your expected target.


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Nwoko Solomon Ikechukwu.

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