Six Things You should not do for Football


Six (6) Reasons You Should not Fight Over Football Match as a Fan


Among all the sports there is, the majority of people love football and are excited about it. Almost everyone in the world today has a football club he/she is a fan of. Most times, people get over-anxious whenever the football club they are a fan of is playing a football match. Fans are excited and many are over-excited whenever the club they are a fan of is winning the match and are often carried away in the euphoria of the excitement, that they most times do and/or say some funny things that are more than necessary, especially to the provocation of the opponent fans. Also, the fans whose club is losing a match are often consumed in a paranoid mood, looking for whom to quarrel or even fight. Some people are so attached to a football club that they address the club as, "My club or my team" even when they don't play for the club, get paid or even known in the club by either the players, manager of the club or the owner of the club. Often you hear a fan saying, "My club (or team) is playing today". "I or we will win or beat this or that club today" (even when the person is not a part of the team and will not play for the team, ever).


Most times, people do funny and unnecessary things to express their happiness or anger/frustration over the win or loss of the football club they are a fan of. Sometimes they beat someone or get beaten over a club and/or football match. They broke bottles on someone's head or have bottles broken on their heads over a football match. And these and more negative actions are often justified and included in, "The spirit of football". The fact, however, is that no matter how excited you are about football, and no matter how much you love a football club that you are a fan of, it is very important to ensure that you do not fight over a football match for the following reasons:


1. You should know and accept the fact that sports, especially football are meant to bring people together, especially people of different cultures, languages, beliefs or colors. Football should be a medium to make friends, love, and be loved. Football is one of the fastest and possible ways of realizing International and intercontinental peace and relationship. And not what to fight about.


2. You must realize and accept the fact that your opponent fan is not your enemy, but a friend, who is either as excited or anxious as you are over the winning or losing of "his/her" club or team. Put the person in your shoes, understand, and accept him/her.


3. You must accept the fact that in every match, there must be a winner or a loser. The match could also be a draw and, it is important to know and accept the fact that "your" football club will not always win, there must be times and games they will lose.


4. You are only a fan, nobody in the club or team knows you. You are not paid or recognized on the football team. Also, no one sent you to fight for the club and you will not be paid or compensated for fighting for the club. And as such, if you get injured over a fight, there would be no hospital allowance given to you. You will have to foot your bill yourself. And if you injure someone or worse still murder the person in the process, you will have to go to jail.


5. Learn to use your senses, football is not "Do or die affair". Do not put it too much at the heart. Do not bad name or image for yourself in the name of a football fan. One is bound to regret any action taken out of anger and irrational behavior.


6. Learn to accept the fact that if "your" team loses, it's just a loss, not the death of someone, they could win the next time. Don't create a scene and make a big deal out of it.


There is nothing wrong with being a fan of a football club, and there is nothing wrong with being excited over the winning of your club. however, we should not allow our excitement to lead us to irrational behaviors that can jeopardize the peace and well-being of others. Also, there is nothing wrong with feeling bad that your team or football club is losing, but we should not allow the bad feeling to lead us to be paranoid, to the point of venting anger on people, especially innocent people.


Be wise, play safe, don't fight, or cause havoc and lacuna over football as a fan.


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Nwoko Solomon Ikechukwu

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