Respect and Teamwork, Strategy to Success in Business

Respect and Teamwork, Strategy to Success in Business

"...You will always have the poor among you..." (Matthew 26:11) Jesus told His disciples. Poverty is not only a lack of material things. There are other areas one can be poor. There is the poverty of the mind (lack of education), poverty of health (sickness), poverty of the being (deformation or handicap), and of course, poverty of wealth. All these various levels or states of poverty should not be a reason to deprive one's respect. No one is perfect, even though everyone wants to be perfect. No matter how poor someone may be, there is a potential and sometimes, there are potentials the Lord has vested in him. Even if one is not educated or very educated, there are things God has put in him that makes him unique. And no matter how sickly or deformed one is, he has potentials. However, should anyone exist without any of these values, he is still the image and creation of God Almighty. Since in our weaknesses we still have God's potentials in us, which can affect others positively, we deserve respect and should be respected.

Respect is an attitude of consideration or high regard toward people simply because they are human beings, the image of God, and co-compatriots. Respect does not consider class or status, does not segregate, humiliate, and does not make one ask, "God why me? Why is my world different? When will you remember me?"

Respect is a great virtue, motivator, and courage that we should have and give to others. Respect is personified in humility, love, valuing others, and appreciating people's efforts no matter how little or insignificant. Everyone is important in the society irrespective of the person's profession or occupation, class or status, race or tribe, religion, or belief. We all add to the growth, development, peace, unity, and progress of our society. We need each other to survive in life, teachers build morals and intellect, doctors save lives, lawyers defend the citizens, leaders direct the affairs of the nation towards the betterment of all, while the farmers feed us all. This is the division of labor and dignity in/of labor. The purpose of discipline is and should be to realize correction, with respect in discipline, correction is realized. One of the values of teachers is the students' respect. It is the ability to inculcate morals, intellect, and character into the students, which will lead them to Excellency in the future.

Respect is one of the vital secrets of the success of any firm or organization. And one of the causes of failure to any firm or organization is disrespect to the employers or employees. Employers should as a matter of importance, show maximum respect to their employees, and employees must likewise reciprocate. Bosses must understand that those working under or for them are not slaves, but "ideas, strength and strategy" to the success and growth of the firm or organization.

When employers employ people, it is important to note that they are not doing them any favor. And when employees are doing their job well, it should also be noted that they are not doing the employers any favor either. Employees only render their services to be paid in return; discharging their duties to be paid for it. The connection between employers and employees is business; "I work for you or render my services to you and you pay me for the services". Employees should not disregard or disrespect their employers because they are more learned, knowledgeable, or experienced in the field than their employers or that they do what their employers cannot do. Likewise, employers should not disregard or disrespect their employees because they pay them or because the employees come to them every month, week, or day for money (salary). The employees are not beggars but are coming for the money which they worked for. When we realize that neither employers nor employees are at the mercy of the other, respect will freely flow from us without reservation, and success will be our " start point".

Respect connects people, brings up ideas that lead to a solution, progress, and success. Lack of respect disconnects good and vital relationships and minds that can build and lead to success. When we respect and value people, we bring out the best in them and make them do wonderful things that we think they could not do. Respect make people live up to expectation, and sometimes, above expectation. Respect builds the spirit of courage and motives one to act maturely. Lack of respect kills a vibrant and hardworking spirit, great ideas, and solution-oriented minds. Any firm or organization that wants to succeed and last long in the success and existence needs teamwork (unity, togetherness, one mind), and for there to be teamwork that leads to success, there must be sincere respect and value for the employers and employees.

To realize respect, one needs to first of all respect himself and give respect to others. Parents/guidance and teachers should join hands together to cultivate the spirit, character, or habit of respect into the students, toward themselves, their parents/guidance, teachers, leaders, elders, and every human being. We must recognize the potentials in people, even though we are above them at one level or another.

We should respect people, including those at our mercy, those working for, and with us. We must realize that there are things that people under us are doing for us which we cannot do for ourselves.

Among the many unique and quality professions, the teaching profession is super unique and quality. This is because, it involves nurturing, building, terming, and beautifying young lives, future/destinies, and tomorrow's great talents and gifted hands. Because of the importance of teaching work, teaching and teachers should, as a matter of necessity, be respected and valued. Why should I respect someone, even the person I consider to be beneath my status? There is only one ultimate answer; I should respect the person just because he is "a human being".


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Nwoko Solomon Ikechukwu

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