POLITICS OF PURPOSE Many scholars have tried to define politics differently. According to Mirriam Webstar, politics can be defined as; the art or science of government; the art or science concerned with guiding or influencing governmental policies; the art or science concerned with winning and holding control over government. There are three distinctive types of government namely; Monarchy which is a government where a king, queen, prince or princes rule on behalf of the people. In this kind of government, there are two types which are absolute monarchy and constitutional monarchy. Absolute monarchy is where the ruler has complete power and make all decisions for instant Saudi Arabia while constitutional monarchy the power is shared between the emperor or king and other political class like in the United Kingdom. The second type of government is autocracy which where a section of political class ascend to grab power using nonviolence means. This can be affirmed by the act of the former German dictator Adolf Hitler with his Nazi movement and Moussolini with his fascist movement. The third type of government is Democracy which has been adopted by many countries such as the USA, France, and Brazil among others. In this type of government, citizens are having the right and opportunities to choose their representatives who will rule or govern on their behalf. After a period of time people always go for election and citizens decides on whom they would wish to lead them and the majority vote will always carry the day. In all these types of government one factor always influence all of them and that is politics. It is always easy to blame the government for all the shortcomings, but the truth of the matter is that politics influences what the government is doing and for this, its politics or the politicians that should take the blame for the bad governance. The American government which actually regarded as one of the largest democracies, in many occasions have always tried to play politics of purpose. For instance, with the rights and privileges that democracy offers them to have as many multiple parties as they would want, they only have two national parties namely, Democrats and the Republicans. These two parties are unique and have complete different views of how to govern. One of the major difference between the two parties which is also very common is that the democrats are liberal and left leaning while the republican are conservative and right leaning. These difference shave always formed the basis of their political campaigns and has always translated on how each party that hang on power govern. Most countries have problem differentiating between politics and government. This is majorly seen in developing countries where the governments work without following the manifestos and principles of their political parties. Politicians on the other hand have failed many times to check that all they campaigned for are implemented. Instead, they just enjoy the privileges while they care very less about their electors. This is why there should be a need for practicing politics of purpose.

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