OnePlus Nord

 OnePlus Nord is a brand that first made a name for itself by offering similar specs to competing flagships at a much lower price. But over the years, its prices have crept up and up, and it's current £599 / $699 OnePlus 8 and £799 / $899 8 Pro aren’t far off its more established competitors.

So it’s easy for the OnePlus Nord, with its starting price of £379 (around $484), to make it seem like OnePlus is going back to its roots. But since its flagship phones aren’t going anywhere, the midrange Nord is instead the next step in OnePlus expanding its lineup. OnePlus is stepping into a new era, not returning to an old one.

That means OnePlus has had to make some tough decisions about which features it wants all its phones to have and which it wants to keep exclusive for its flagships. It’s a balancing act. Remove too much, and you’re left with a phone that no one should buy.

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