NASA has given the challenge to design a toilet, there is a chance to earn millions of rupees

In this way, going to space or moon is very expensive and risky work. But today, sending our scientists to space for the world is no longer an impossible task. Nevertheless, going into space is a very difficult task and there are many challenges. There are many topics in space research which are involved in solving the difficulties of space travel. One such problem is the need to deal with routine tasks on space or the moon. To solve this, NASA has given people a challenge that can reduce the number of millions.


Solution to these needs is very important


Astronauts are intelligent and brave, but in space, their needs are like humans. In space, they also need to discard excreta. NASA needs a bathroom solution for its astronauts. When the Apollo mission came to an end in 1975, engineers called excrement of excrement a serious challenge to space travel. NASA has made some devices but the problem has not been solved.


NASA decided to help people


Now NASA has decided to involve ordinary people to find a solution to this problem. NASA wants people to design and send a toilet for their astronauts to be able to work in areas with low gravity in places like microgravity and the moon.


How much reward has nasa placed on it


NASA has also kept more than 26 lakh reward for this work. NASA is now preparing to go to the moon again and keep its astronauts there for a long time. It is also preparing for this. It is being told that NASA plans to build a base camp on the moon where people can stay for a long time. This includes developing special living space, equipment and other necessary facilities.

NASA is preparing to deliver humans to the moon in 2024,

NASA has named it


Astronauts eat food in space, but they will need a toilet facility in microgravity and the moon's gravity to cope with routine tasks. This work is named Lunar Lu Challenge. NASA has released this challenge on HeroX.

Why does NASA need it

NASA said in its statement, "Although space toilets already exist and are being used, (such as the International Space Station), they are designed only for microgravity." There are two categories in this challenge, one is technical and the other is junior. The last date for submission of the design is 17 August.


NASA will need a different type of toilet for the moon. .

This is NASA's plan

NASA's Artemis Moon Mission will do the work of landing a woman and a male passenger on the lunar surface by the year 2024. The Artemis program is part of the exploration from the moon to Mars, in which the experience of traveling to the moon will be used to travel to Mars. NASA is also preparing the Human Landing System Program for this. NASA experts will work with their business partners on their human landing system.

Now everything depends on the job

Currently, NASA's focus is on the successful return of SpaceX's crew dragon attached to the International Space Station. Further success of NASA depends on its success. SpaceX successfully carried astronauts to ISS for the first time from their spacecraft, making a successful launch only last month. This was done for the first time by a private commercial vehicle. But this campaign is not complete. Successful return will only make it complete. Now NASA has entrusted the launch work for its space missions to the private sector.

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