Iphone 12: The body of 'I's and 'Phones'

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3. IPhone 12: price, pre orders, and release date

The iPhone 12 with the size of 6.1 inches was made available on pre-order basis on 16th October 2020. An unveiling ceremony followed suit on 23rd of October. Its price tags for memory storage capacity of 64GB begins from $799. In addition to this, 128 plus 256GB are also on sale at an additional fee.

The 5.4 inches of iPhone 12 mini was made available for purchase and pre-ordering by November 6, 2020. An unveiling ceremony was held a week after, November 13. Price tags for iPhone 12 mini with the memory storage size of 64GB begins from $699. Also, on sale are 128 as well as storage capacity of 256GB.

The commencing prices of $699 as well as $799 for these prototypes of phones are just for the users of the following brands; Sprint, Verizon, t-mobile and AT&T, all within US. For the prototypes of non-SIM, their price tags placed on iPhone 12 mini begins from $729 while price tags on iPhone 12 begins from $829.


4. A look at the iPhones


Apple released the latest design of edges with smooth surfaces for iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 that have shifted away from the previous rotund edges which were used when iPhone 6 was launched. The prototypes of iPhone 12 have identical appearances to the prototypes of iPad Pro, and their smooth edges as well harken back to where iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 began.

The all-round glass on the front, plus the back glass panel have their edges bound by a frame of aluminium, that includes a design of matte and its appearance is a bit different from what the strap of stainless steel offer when it was used in the prototypes of Pro.

For iPhone 12 prototypes, in front of the phones, a mark coated at their front which harbours the camera called ‘TrueDepth’, microphone, speaker, and a thin bezel exist everywhere on the iPhone 12’s edges.

Antenna ensembles are located on top of the devices, and their sides, alongside the regular button for power on the right side, as well as buttons for volume on the left side. Below the button for power, the latest antenna of 5G mmWave is situated, but this function is restricted to U.S. prototypes which come with support for mmWave. Meanwhile, other affected countries are not included in this package which has antenna.

The space for SIM which was previously located at right side is now shifted to the left. Speaker ports and inbuilt microphones are placed at the iPhone 12’s rear. In addition, a port for Lightning which is useful for phone charging is included in the package.

Behind the iPhone, a squared camera thump which has a flash and camera with double lenses exist. Under it is a logo for Apple which resembles the gadget’s colour.

Excluding battery capacity and size, no other features that distinguish iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12. These phones have the same package in terms of operationalization and features, settings and their designs.


IPhone 12 can be bought with a size of 6.1 in inch which is the same as 6.1 in inches found in iPhone 11, and iPhone 12 mini has a size of 5.4 inches of display.

Likened to iPhone 11, the iPhone 12 with 6.1 inches is 11% thinner, smaller by 15%, as well as lighter by 16%, and the iPhone 12 mini with 5.4 inches does not have contrast because of its characteristics as the most minimum in size, the lightest iPhone ever released by Apple since 2016 when iPhone SE came out to the market.

The size of iPhone 12 mini goes thus; 

 Height of 5.18 inches (131.5mm); width of 2.53 inches (64.2mm); thickness of 0.29 (7.4mm).

 The size of iPhone 12 goes thus;

 Height of 5.78 inches (146.7mm), width of 2.82 inches (71.5mm); thickness of 0.29 inches (7.4mm).

Colour varieties

The iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 are designed with colours like black, white, green, blue, and red. The white and black colours have identical appearance to that of iPhone 11, but other new colours are recent.

The red has brighter shade and depth with slight deeper orange, and the colour green has lighter shade with deeper yellow. The blue has deeper shade and it is totally new. The colors yellow and lavender are removed from among the array.

Resistance to water

The iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 are water-proof assessment of the IP68. They have the capacity to resist a deep measurement of water of about 6 meters, worth 19.7 feet for about half an hour.

IPhone 11 featured the identical IP68 rating of water-proof but based on the statements from Apple, IP68 could tolerate water volume of around 4 meters in depth for half an hour, so in spite of the comparable water-proof score, the latest iPhones will bear up profounder submersion.

The number in IP68 has meanings. For example, 6 means dust-proof, signifying the strength of iPhone 12 Pro that withstand dust, dirt, and similar pestering particles, and 8 indicates water-proof. IP68 has the best dust-proof assessment ever.

The prototypes of iPhone 12 can endure splashes, rain, and unintentional spills, while deliberate exposure of water should not come close to it because the resistance of dust and water can damage as times goes on when standard use of the device persists.

The licence of iPhone from Apple is not extended to liquid harm, but AppleCare+ has this warranty, but a deductible fee may be needed to repair the harm done.


Since inception, Apple just released, first time in its history, an OLED displays throughout the line-up of iPhone. Every model of iPhone 12 has a display with Super Retina XDR.

A 2,000,000:1 dissimilarity radio that serves as whiter whites and blacker blacks exist, and it is around 1200 nits topmost brightness that serves as HDR pictures, TV programs, movies, and videos. Standard maximum brightness goes as high as 625 nits in prototypes of iPhone 12.

Like iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 includes the identical 2532 by 1170 resolutions, plus pixels weighing 460 for each inch. The lesser iPhone 12 mini features 2340 by 1080 resolutions plus pixels weighing 476 for each inch.

The extensive color back up for displays provide rich, real life shades of colors, with a feature of True Tone which resembles the bright balance that comes with the display, to the ambient illumination in your surroundings for the experience of paper-like showing which is simpler to look at.

A fingerprint-proof oleophobic covering to protect the display from having filth, and backup for a ‘Haptic Touch’ offers haptic responses while communicating with the display to perform actions such as prolonged presses.


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