How to stop Chelsea's Jorginho penalty kicks from scoring

Chelsea's Midfielder Jorge Luiz Frello Filho popularly known on the field of play as Jorginho is noted for his unique penalty kicks. His penalty kicks look cool, calm but precise.In this article, we going to look at the simple techniques Jorginho uses in his penalty kicks (PK) and how to prevent him from scoring. A technique I have divided into two halves.


In this stage, Jorginho looks very serious. His body posture and demeanor before attempting to kick the ball look as though he'll be going for power rather than precision. Then he raises his head and aim at the goalkeeper. He focuses on the goalkeeper and then make a jump before finally kicking the ball

Jorgihno's deceptive look before kicking the ball Jorginho's deceptive look before kicking the ball


This stage is where I term as the most defining moment. Whether Jorginho will miss or score a penalty kick is dependent on this stage. With he(Jorginho) transiting from his deceptive stage to the defining stage, he waits for the goalkeeper to take a stand then he plants the ball to his opposite side.

Jorginho's precise penalty kicks always sending goalkeeper the wrong way

This act of simple brilliance has made him an expect in the kick. He has a career conversion rate of 94% with just missing one.

Jorginho's stats on penalty kicks

How to Stop Chelsea's Jorginho penalty kick from scoring is very simple. As a goalkeeper, just remain calm and also focus just as he(Jorginho) does. His "pre-kick" jump means he's never going for power but to place the ball. During regulation time, Simone Scuffet of Udinese(currently on loan to a Serie B club called Spezia) is the only keeper to have prevented Jorginho from scoring a one time penalty kick. However he capitalized on a rebound and scored though. Simone Scuffet remained calm and waited on his goal line till Jorginho kicked the ball. He then moved to the direction of the ball and prevented a first time penalty goal. Ederson Santana de Moraes of Manchester City also emulated same strategy in a penalty shootout after regulation time of the 2018/19 Carabao league cup finals.

Ederson saves Jorginho's penalty kick


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