How to master any programming language

In this day and age the use of technology has expanded to dominate all industries especially trade. Nowadays everyone relies on technology be it for communication, trade,real estate and many more. Many people have a keen interest on learning computer programming but find it quite difficult to understand or even master it in any way. There are however habits that you can adopt to get closer to your goal of being a programmer.

Code everyday Programming is difficult and requires daily attention. Dedicating 1 or 2 hours daily to just sit in front of your monitor writing code can help you extensively even if you don't understand it. Everyday you must strive to at least write some piece of code no matter how simple.

Do projects As they say experience is the best teacher and this to be true in programming. Doing small to medium projects will really boost your skills and will help you learn more.

Online tutorials The internet is full of free resources that can help you learn at your own pace. Search the web for tutorials and learn easily any subject be it Introduction to algorithms, android development or how to create a website. The internet is your playground.

Find other people Collaboration is the fastest way to learn and master programming. Attend code meetups,events and any other events to meet new people. You can share projects and ideas and can find yourself building the next Airbnb, Instagram or the next Facebook. Collaboration goes a long way.

Contribute to open source Many open source projects exist on the web and there are websites dedicated to giving you open source projects. Websites such as Github and Gitlab are the most popular programming sites that give you free access to open source. On these sites you are able to add code to a project, report errors on a project and add your improvements if any are needed. You can really learn a lot using these sites.

Discussion Forums People on the internet value communication and you can find other programmers on sites such as Stackoverflow ,Stackexchange and Quora. These websites are all Question and Answer sites that provide helpful data so you can ask programming questions and get answers.

Join a company Joining a company is probably the best option on how to quickly become a programmer. Joining a company will teach you many things that you may never learn on your own such as collaboration, software architecture and methodologies used in developing software. You will also learn that programming is not only about coding but also involves other business areas. In any company you will find that you learn how programming is connected to other departments and company functions such as marketing, sales,accounting and human resources. It teaches you how to work with these departments through managers so that you can understand the goal and it's requirements which you then convert into a software solution.

Think of a problem you want to solve Being a programmer is all about solving real world problems. There is no end to world problems that need a software solution and there is high demand for solutions. Problems could be solved by new inventions or an extension of existing problems executed the right way. Solve small problems around you using software and you will learn how to properly use software in life.

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