How Much Does the Government Value the Lives of the Citizens

It is Getting Worse for the Residents at Dutse Alhaji and Sokale Abuja.


Last time I wrote with video coverage about a bridge that collapsed in Dutse Alhaji Abuja which also connects residents of Sokale that left residents, especially those who are mobile stranded. Could you imagine that up to now, the government, especially of the Bwari Area Council has done nothing about it? Go to the end of this article, click on the link to view the current state of the bridge, it is getting worse and worse on a daily basis.


The major concern now is not just that residents who are mobile can no longer apply the road because good Samaritans have made a little local bridge where people can cross via feet only, the major concern now is that the fall of the bridge is eating deep into the buildings around it. As you can clearly see in the video coverage of the current state of the bridge, some buildings around the bridge will soon start collapsing. The public tap slab has been affected. Part of it has already fallen, and currently, there is no water and perhaps the reason the tap is not running is because of the collapse of the bridge. Unfortunately, the tap is the only place where zone 4 Dutse Alhaji residents can buy trusted drinking water and in a low amount.


We must not always wait until something gets out of hands before we begin to do the needful in a hurry when it is already late or when a lot has been damaged already. Those living in this area are human beings and Nigerians, therefore, should be treated as such. The lives of all Nigerians should be treated with value and respect, no matter their level or status, and where they reside.


If the government, especially of the Bwari Area Council value and respect the lives of the residents of the said area, they must do something and fast about this bridge before the record of casualties will begin to loom social media.


Click here to view the video coverage.


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Nwoko Solomon Ikechukwu 

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