Gabon, Ali Bongo receives a report on gender inequalities from his wife

Absent from Gabon for at least 3 weeks, Ali Bongo reportedly returned to Gabon this Monday late at night. As soon as he arrived in London, Ali Bongo received on Wednesday from his wife Sylvia Bongo an official report on the reduction of gender inequalities in Gabon. The said report includes 33 operative proposals that Ali Bongo promised his wife to implement through his government.

Gabon could soon end gender inequalities. In any case, this is the wishful thinking pursued by the foundation of Ali Bongo's wife, Sylvia Bongo for the family, who via a report submitted today to her husband. The presentation ceremony of this report called “ Strategy for reducing gender inequalities in Gabon ” took place in the presidential palace in Libreville, which found its tenant returned from a stay in England.

Ali Bongo receiving the report from his wife

“ A report was given to me today on this subject under the aegis of the Sylvia Bongo Ondimba Foundation for the Family. The 33 proposals, concrete and operational, that he formulates will make it possible to make effective in our country equality between all and all ” , indicated Ali Bongo during this presidential ceremony. With the report in hand, Ali Bongo said he was relying on the government led by a woman, Rose Christiane Ossouka Raponda, to put it into practice.

" I therefore ask the Prime Minister and the government to do what is necessary, with an obligation of results, to transcribe these proposals into law and make them applicable in practice ," he said to his colleague. government. Let us simply hope that the acts follow these numerous reports handed over to the authorities and whose setting to music is still pending.

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