Football in 2050

Football in 2050

Every year, skills of playing football improve, and so are the rules and the technical issues involved with football. In the past, there was nothing like the back-pass rule, no such thing as Vice Assistant Referee (VAR), and other amazing and unique technology that goes with football today. But one thing that is common in all the ages football has lasted is that physical energy has been involved in playing it. Acquiring and improving skills for playing football have involved physical strength or energy. If you cannot acquire and improve your skills in football, then you can't play football, especially on a professional level. And for you to acquire and improve football skills you need to have enough strength and/or energy, if not, forget football.


Between 2030 and/to 2050 if the world is still in existence, the strength and skills to play football will be improved. That will be the focal point of football. This time, it will not be acquired through physical strength or energy, but through a high level of advanced technology. This means that the means of winning football will no longer be based on how skillful one is or how energetic, but based on the level of technology the football club was able to acquire for the team. There will be a manufacture of high-level tech football boots that will enable players to play extraordinarily. The high-level tech football boots will enable players to exercise different kinds and levels of football skills in order to win or defeat the opponent. For goalkeepers, there will be a high-level tech football hand glove that can magnet and attract football to their hand glove. The high-level tech football boots will focus on enabling players to alter the technological ability of their opponent. Countering opponent football skills ability and making it possible to score goals even with a goalkeeper with high-level tech hand glove mounting goal post. The high-level tech football glove will enable goalkeepers to catch the football in an amazing and almost unbelievable way. It will enable goalkeepers to demonstrate unbelievable skills in keeping football.  It will then be the higher the technology a football team has, the more they win matches, cups, remain popular, and make more money. This means that even the ball for playing football will change. 



Even though it may retain its shape and size, It will, however, be enhanced technologically to fit with the modern high-level tech football gadgets used in playing it.



The high-level tech football boots and hand gloves will do the following:

1. It will enable footballers to play in an extraordinary manner. Exhibiting different kinds of unbelievable football skills.

2. It will help footballers counter the skills of their opponent. Making it possible to collect football from their opponents' legs.

3. Since there is a goalkeeper with high-level tech football hand glove mounting the goal post, another work of the high tech football boots will be to enable footballers to score such a goalkeeper, irrespective of his high technological football hand glove.

4. The high-level tech football hand glove will enable goalkeepers to catch footballs unbelievably. It will make it very difficult for players to score them. The tech will make it possible for them to be able to magnet football to their hand gloves, dive, and stretch beyond normal and exhibit many other unbelievable football keeping skills.



This means that the technical department of each football club has a lot to do to enhance players' football boots and goalkeeper’s hand glove. Both to make players play, defend and score unbelievably, and the goalkeepers to keep unbelievably, and as well as counter the technological playing and keeping skills of their opponents.


Those who cannot afford this high-level tech of football gadgets will continue playing traditional football that requires physical strength or energy to play, but spectators who are now technological minded will not border paying to watch. There will be campaigns condemning the new technological way of playing football and proposing that football should go back to its traditional way of playing it. This means that traditional football will become a mere local exercise and entertainment for the poor without generating financial fortune. The campaign will base its argument on the fact that body exercise which keeps footballers physically fit has been distorted or eradicated. But many people will not pay attention or give regards to this campaign. They will rather see it as a noise of babblers who are poor and lack the money it takes to acquire the high-level tech of football gadgets to be able to fit in into the modern system of football.


It is funny, this idea just bumped into my mind. The picture was clear and glary. Should I call this prediction or prophecy, I don’t know and not certain because I can’t categorically say God spoke to me on this or revealed it to me. It is not as a result of malaria either because I was medically okay, and certainly not because I was under the influence of alcohol or weed for I neither drink nor smoke. It is just an idea into a creative mind. What do you think of this? Do you think it is possible? Do you think it will come to pass? Or is God actually the one revealing this to me? These are rhetorical questions that cannot be answered, maybe not yet.


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