Effective Ways of Growing the Views of Your Articles

Effective Ways of Growing the Views of Your Articles.


It is one thing to write, another thing to have your article or articles approved on Owupress, and yet another thing to have people click on your articles and read them. In addition to money, I believe that the joy of every writer is to have a multitude of people read and appropriate his/her articles. It encourages a lot and motivates one to write more. Most of the problems or challenges writers face are to get unique views on their articles. To Owupress writers facing the challenges of getting unique views on their articles, this writeup will help a great deal to provide solutions to the challenges.


To get unique views on your articles, apply these few steps:

1. Write Original articles: A good writer who wants people to read his articles owns his idea or ideas and allows the ideas flow from him/her. He/she writes focusing on his/her targeted audience. He/she communicates, passes information, answers possible questions, and if necessary solve problems with/through writing. This is to enable readers to believe that the writer knows his/her onions, understands, and owns what he/she has written. Even when a good writer is writing on news, he/she sits down to tell the story with his/her own words. When readers read such articles, they will want to read more from the writer. A good reader does not just read a writeup, but he/she also reads the writer of the writeup.


2. Write on Trending Topics: Most times, people go online to find and read things or information happening at the moment, current events, or the talk of the town. It is only a few sets of people that go online to read for general knowledge. Hence, when writers follow the current events, keep themselves updated to be able to get the public well informed, they gain lots of views.


3. Don't Always Write on Localized Topics: When a writer writes only or mainly on topics that relate to or relevant to people of his locality or to only one locality, he/she limits the number of people that will view or read his/her articles. There are people who are not done familiarizing themselves with information about their own locality not to talk of bordering themselves with what happens outside their locality.


As a writer who wants lots of views on your articles, write on topics that are cross-locality, that is topics that can educate people of all or many localities. Topics that both whites, blacks, and any other race can benefit from, see examples here



When your articles' information is international or inter-locality, you gain International unique views on your articles.


4. Give Your Articles Captivating Caption: One of the major factors that make people stop by to read articles they did not go online for is the title or caption of the article. When a writer gives his article or articles a catchy title or caption, getting unique views becomes inevitable.


Captivating titles or captions are ones that make readers get curious and anxious to know what the writer means or what the full story is. However, make sure that your title matches with the body of your writeup. See examples here 



5. Share the Links of Your Approved Articles: Tell family and friends that you have the information you will want them to read by sharing the link of this information to their reach through social media. Share the link of your approved articles with thrilling and/or captivating quotes. Create Whatsapp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social media accounts and share the link of your approved articles, the more you share, especially to different social media, the more unique views you get. 


You can also join this Facebook group specifically built for Owupress writers



Where we share our articles for more unique views. In this group, we support each other.


6. Write Many Interesting Articles as You Can: When you have two or more interesting articles approved, sharing them will get you more unique views than when it is only one article. 


Add your creativity to all these principles and you will celebrate thousands of unique views to your articles with the financial benefits attached to it. Thanks for reading, share this information and follow me.


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