Did Dinosaur Existence Ridicules the Bible and Christian Beliefs?

The discovery of Dinosaurs challenges mainstream Christian beliefs because it casts doubt on the creation story,Noah's Ark and the Genesis Flood, and the age of the Earth. Dinosaurs are magnificent animals that lived on Earth millions of years ago. Fossil records put that the first dinosaurs appeared about 243 million years ago.

 Despite the plethora of scientific evidence, some Christian groups have suggested that these fossils are fake and are planted to disapprove  Christianity.  In February, a group called Christians Against Dinosaurs (CAD) sparked controversy by posting a message on Mumsnet (a UK website where women chat nearly about everything)with the subject line "I'm sick and tired of dinosaurs being forced on our children." “Nothing about dinosaurs is acceptable for children, from their absolute lack of family values through to their non-existence from any genuine scientific point of view,” claimed the anonymous user, who only went by the handle “CADministry.”


Dinosaurs, according to some Christians, could not have existed because God would not create animals capable of wreaking destruction on human civilisation. This argument is refuted by a mountain of archaeological data.

It’s hard to find anyone with logic and reason to deny that dinosaurs existed at all because the topic of Dinosaurs is well-researched, and the evidence for their existence is stunning. I have even seen the fossil of one displayed in the British Natural Museum in London. See picture attached  BELOW.

Where do the dinosaurs fit in if God created the heavens, the Earth, all animals, and man in seven days? Man and dinosaurs were separated for millennia, according to the fossil record.Could All the Dinosaurs Have Fit on Noah's Ark?. I would like Christains to leave comments below 





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