Cutting Cost: Two Different Ways You can Polish Your Shoes without Spending Money

Cutting Cost: Two Different Ways You can Polish Your Shoes without Spending Money.


Things have become very costly in Nigeria, crying, worrying, and complaining have not and will not solve the problems, because we cry and complain to leaders who have made their ears, minds, and conscience unavailable for us. Therefore, one of the solutions to the costly nature of things in Nigeria is to cut the cost of spending.


I know that by now, you are aware that the smallest size of polish is sold at three hundred nairas (#300) and some sell more than that. Instead of spending such an amount every two weeks or less, you can comfortably make your own polish or use an alternative to polish. In this article, I will show you two ways you can make polish with cheap money or use groundnut oil as an alternative to polishing your shoe. I will start with that of groundnut oil.


1. Groundnut Oil as Alternative to Polish. Click here to watch the video.



Bring out the shoe you intend to polish, clean it with a little wet piece of cloth. Add a little groundnut or palm kernel oil in a plate or container. Use a little size of the foam, dip it a little into the plate containing the oil, use the foam to rub every part of the shoe thoroughly. When you are done with one of the shoes, keep it and do the same to the other pair. Then pick up the first shoe you rub with the oil and use a hairbrush or another bigger size of foam to shine the shoe thoroughly. Come back and do the same to the last pair of the shoe you rub with oil. Keep on a safe and dust-free spot, go take your bath, put on your cloth, and the shoe will be beautifully read to wear. Then put on your shoe, no one will know the make of polish you used. But you have cut costs.



2. Manufacture a Local Made Polish: To make a local polish, get condemned radio batteries as much as you can. Remove the black substance and put on a flat container  (for black color polish). If you do not see condemned batteries, you can use pieces of charcoal and ground it to dust. Mix the battery's black substance or the ground charcoal with bar soap and groundnut or palm kernel oil. Turn them thoroughly. Buy a fifty naira candle, break it into parts and put in an aluminum container, put the container on fire to melt, pour the candle wax in the mixture. Allow it to cool, your polish is ready to polish your shoes.



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