Be Honest and Save Lives or Lie and Make Fortunes the Choice of Medical Practitioners on COVID-19

Be Honest and Save Lives or Lie and Make Fortunes the Choice of Medical Practitioners on COVID-19


(Click here, here, or here to watch Doctor Stella Emmanuel live show you the cure to COVID-19).


It is becoming clear and glary on a daily basis that there is a foul play about the issue of Coronavirus. There are right now different theories on COVID-19, especially regarding the causes and treatment. Some have suggested that COVID-19 is a biochemical weapon for mass destruction, purposely manufactured by combined scientists in Wuhan China. Read the detailed information on this here 

Others believe it was sponsored by men of wealth, power, and influence, such as Bill Gates Foundation, in order to push forth, sell vaccines and make more money, and as well as reduce the human population through the means of vacation. Read analysis with real video coverage here 

Yet, there are still those who believe that Coronavirus is a scam. They say that there is nothing like Coronavirus, but what people call Coronavirus is the reaction to human health caused by high radiochemical and/or high frequency, on people due to the presence of 5G. I believe you must have read and/or watch this argument on 5G disease-causing reactions on people.


In all these arguments, call it assertions if you like, the most annoying and confusing issue on COVID-19 is in the treatment and/or cure of the virus. I have followed this issue to a certain encouraging extent and I have come to believe that most trusted medical bodies around the world, especially, the developed world are now lying to the world concerning COVID-19. They have deliberately made themselves untrustworthy. They seem to be lying to us on the actual cause and especially the cure of COVID-19. A few doctors from various countries who still have a conscience, who still know and believe that the primary and as well as the ultimate purpose of a doctor or a medical practitioner is to "Save Lives" have come forth after their diligent study, which has been tested and proved on COVID-19 patients to tell the world that there is a cure for Coronavirus. But medical bodies of the world through wicked, wealth and fame-seeking, and conscienceless medical practitioners continue to fight against them in words and actions. They lie to us by telling us how deadly and incurable COVID-19 is and why we should see and accept their destructive vaccinations as the only hope and the only thing to rely on, while their real motive is to sell their vaccines, make more money and take the lives of their victims in the name of population reduction through the means of vaccination. And they tell us all these lies using social media, television, radio, and magazines. They also control social media and every other means of disseminating information and using these means to ensure that the true information of the good and humanitarian medical practitioners on the COVID-19 will not come through or last in air.


Previously, I have published a video analysis of Doctor Yvette Lezano on the found but hidden cure of COVID-19 And recently, I came across various posts on Facebook talking about the rejection of a post by Facebook made by Nigerian doctor residing in the United States of America, who clearly stated that she has treated over 300 patients of COVID-19 and they all were successful. I compare her video with that of Doctor Yvette Lezano and I discovered that it is the truth as against the lies we have been filled with by the world's medical bodies. Click on this link  to watch Doctor Stella Emmanuel analysis on the cure of COVID-19 and click here to watch that of Doctor Yvette Lezano.


Haven discovered a cure to Coronavirus which is the virus terrorizing the world, causing so many health, economic, development, and advancement damage and setbacks, the question is, why hide it? Why fight and threaten those brave enough to tell it to the world. The possible answer to this is that there are hidden agendas with COVID-19. There is a secret mission the powers that be who are doing their best possible to ensure that the world remains in the delusion that COVID-19 is incurable and will forever remain with men, want to achieve with this global pandemic.


But whatever it is that they want to achieve, it is important to know that the cure to COVID-19 has been found. So many honest and caring doctors have administered it on their patients and it worked 100%. The cure is what we can have and/or persuade our government to make us have it. And that cure is "Hydroxychloroquine". Watch the video analysis here 


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Nwoko Solomon Ikechukwu

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