Africa Woman Casts DEMON from a Dog

It is not entirely clear where that video was recorded, but it is evident from the video that the woman was performing a religious healing session on a dog.

You can see we have big problems in Africa. The magnitude of brainwashing of the African/black race is unprecedented. Africa needs behavioural psychologists to reverse the mental damage inflicted on them from decades of Mental Slavery and Colonisation.

Watch Video here

Mental Slavery is worse than Physical Slavery because the people enslaved often doesn’t see themselves enslaved. It is invisible and easily transmitted from generation to generation. If you are of Africa Heritage, there will be some elements of Mental Slavery in you, and maybe you have not assessed yourself properly.For example, genuinely believing in a foreign religion such as Christianity is a form of mental Slavery because you have abandoned your religion for a foreign one through mental enslavement.

The easiest way to untangle the damage of mental Slavery is through effective education. Effective education means teaching people how to train their minds to think and not memorise what they have been taught. Instead, they should be encouraged to apply reason and logic to what they have been taught. Put very simply, teach them critical thinking skills.

Critical thinking will help many Africans develop the skills to decipher lies and deceit that have been fed to them for decades. It will help them analyse facts to form a judgment. It will undoubtedly build their critical thinking skills to be rational, sceptical, and apply unbiased analysis in evaluating factual evidence.

Although this goal will not be achieved overnight and might take some decades to conduct and complete, implementing a plan now for its implementation is a step in the right direction.

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