Why the political class, the political elite, continue to take Kenyans for a ride

- Why the political class, the political elite, continue to take Kenyans for a ride:
The relationship between current Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and current Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto is "irreconcilable, incorrigible and beyond salvage?" Really?
Why hasn't this been formally brought to the attention of the Kenyan electorate to enable public participation in deciding on a course of action? The current Kenyan President and current Kenyan Deputy President have been in office now since 9th April 2013 courtesy of universal suffrage, courtesy of the Kenyan electorate, so the Kenyan President and his Deputy are accountable to the People of Kenya, yet no Kenya Gazette notice has been formally published notifying the people of Kenya of "irreconcilable" differences between the Kenyan President and the Kenyan Deputy President.
In the second instance, the Kenyan President and Kenyan Deputy President are accountable to the political party that put them in office, that political party being the Jubilee Party (JP).
Their nominations and candidatures were processed through the Jubilee Party (JP), so if irreconcilable differences have now arisen, then the party membership ought to be formally and speedily notified, to enable the calling of an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Jubilee Party National Delegates Council (NDC) and the Jubilee Party National Governing Council (NGC), to enable a resolution/resolutions on new courses of action. In principle, a National Convention of the Jubilee Party ought to called to address the matter.
None of the above actions have been taken despite the differences between the President and his Deputy having ceaselessly dominated the news for about seven months now.
Similarly, Raila Odinga was sworn in as "Peoples President" on 30th January 2018, in what passes as an act of treason. Treason is a Capital Offence but here again, it is clear that Raila Odinga's action of swearing himself as the "Peoples President" was a ploy, similar to the ploy of irreconcilable differences between the Kenyan President and the Kenyan Deputy President.
If Raila Odinga had indeed committed an act of treason, he and those who aided him in committing the act of treason, would not be free men and free women today.
The "Peoples President" is different from the President of the Republic of Kenya, and on 30th January 2018 Raila Odinga took an oath as the "Peoples President" not as the President of the Republic of Kenya, the former being symbolic, the latter being enshrined in Kenyan Law and the Kenyan Constitution.
So what Raila Odinga and his associates did was stage a Nigerian movie, just like President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto continue to stage Nigerian movies for us.
No offence to the Federal Republic of Nigeria and to the people of Nigeria at large i.e. Nigerian movies have been a big hit in Kenya now for about 15 years, and Nigerian movies are indeed very entertaining. There are even quite a number of Kenyans now who speak small amounts of Nigerian Pidgin English with Nigerian accents.
Raila Odinga was sworn in as the "Peoples President" on 30th January 2018 under the aegis of the National Super Alliance (NASA), a coalition of political parties, and there is nothing to confirm that the various political parties that form and constitute NASA, called Special General Meetings (SGM) of their respective National Party Memberships to endorse the action of Raila Odinga swearing himself as the "Peoples President."
The Kenyan citizenry at large clearly has no meaningful role to play in governance in Kenya, and we are by and large perfunctory irrelevant bystanders, spectators and onlookers. When there is a need for Photo Ops, we are consulted, and not all of us at that.
In March 2018 the "Peoples President" and the President of the Republic of Kenya suddenly set aside their bitter differences and became the best of friends under what is referred to as "handshake."
Again, the people of Kenya at large, and/or the Jubilee Party (JP) National Membership and the National Super Alliance (NASA) National Membership were not consulted prior to the event to either endorse or reject "handshake."
So it's games that continue to be played with the Kenyan people regarding events on the National Stage, stage managed events, in what is one great big fat Nigerian movie.

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